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Virginia’s Skincare Routine Part 1

Virginia’s Skincare Routine Part 1

 Hey Friends!

I get direct messages daily asking about my skincare routine, so I’m happy today to share some of my favorite products with you. Over the years I’ve tried many different products and brands, and these days I’m feeling pretty confident about the ones I have in rotation. I try my best to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible. In keeping with my goal of simplifying my life, I recently unsubscribed from my monthly beauty box subscription and made a conscious decision not to buy any new products until I’m out of what I’m using. Still finding this hard with lip gloss/balm, but I know from experience that fewer product choices are best for me. If I buy products without finishing the ones I have, I end up wasting product and over complicating my routine by having too many choices. I also think my skin thanks me for it (I know my wallet does).  It’s hard not to want to try something new, but it can take months for our skin to get used to a new product so my advice would be to find something you like and stick with it. Why mess with a good thing?

There are some things I’m very consistent with: washing my face before bed (no matter how many martinis), wearing sunscreen before I leave the house, keeping rose water on hand to spritz throughout the day, and every 6 weeks I get dermaplaning + a facial or peel from my aesthetician (this gives me a serious medical grade exfoliation).

My skin tends to be normal/dry so some of these products might work better for my specific skin type, but I believe most of them would work for all skin types. Most of these products you can find locally at my favorite beauty spots listed below.

Daytime Routine:

1. I usually do not wash my face in the mornings and instead, I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O with a cotton ball.

2. I love a good face spray. Lately, I’m using either Mario Badescu Rose Water, Stomping Grounds Herbals Symmetry Facial Toner, or Avene Thermal Spring Water for Face and Body. Avene spring water spray is a great way to prep your skin before adding your antioxidant serum.





3. I never skip an antioxidant treatment, current one on rotation is SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF serum, and I also like Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum for a less expensive option.









4. Sunscreen with tint or no tint. Favorite tint option is Revision Intellishade, and the non-tint option is Elta MD UV clear.










5. I rarely wear anything other than the Revision, but If I feel I need a little more cover up, I’ll use the RMS “un cover up” in a few areas of my face. 

6. Finally, I’ll add eye cream; I’m currently using the Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Balm because it’s super hydrating.

Nighttime Routine:

1. I never skip my night time face wash, this is one product I do not think you have to spend a lot of money on. I’m currently using the Avene Foam Wash followed by the Avene gentle toning lotion. I love all products from Avene beacuase they are all hypoallergenic and non – comedogenic.

2. Three nights a week I apply Refissa Tretinoin Cream alone on dry skin. I’ve tried a lot of products, and nothing beats Retin A for skin turnover. It can be a little drying at first, but if you ease into the process, your skin will likely tolerate it. You have to buy this at a medical office, sold currently at SKIN MB in Nashville.

3. Now that summer is over; I’m doing a non-hydroquinone skin lightener combo from the botanical line Epionce for my summer spots and melasma from SkinPharm (local Nashville dermatology practice). I use the melanocyte pigment perfection serum layered with melanocyte TX brightening lotion. (I’ll let you know results) When I’m not using a lightening program like the one from Epionce, I love Kojic Acid. You can buy Koji – Lactic Acid in either a serum or in pads, I get mine from local medical spa Skin MB.

4. Favorite all time night cream is SkinCeuticals triple lipid restore. I also like the NeoStrata Bionic Face Cream which is less expensive and easier for travel. My other favorite product I use when I feel my skin needs a break from medical grade products is the Lemon Laine Face Oil from local boutique Lemon Laine. (ig: @lemonlaine)







5. Finally, I use an eye cream with retinol from Kate Somerville.

Other Routines:

I exfoliate in the shower at least twice a week with an alpha hydroxy acid (vitascrub) from Zo Medical. After my sweaty work outs, I use the Trader Joe’s tea tree oil wipes on my face while in the car driving home (they never dry out). My “universal” body product is cocovit coconut oil, I swear this product does everything. I rarely wear makeup so I love getting my lashes tinted and recently got a lash lift from Kasey at local spot Ona Skincare which I love. Lastly, I usually get botox in my forehead every 4 to 6 months. It’s probably the number one thing that keeps me looking young and prevents those wrinkles before they form. My only advice would be to PLEASE keep those high eyebrows in check… botox should look as natural as possible.

In conclusion, I often think at times we lose patience and will with our skin care routines. We all struggle with different skin concerns… be it adult acne, sun damage, fine lines, etc. Did you know if you’re layering serum, moisturizer, and SPF you should allow time for each to sink in before piling the next one on? Did you know it takes most people about two months to get over the “retinol hump” of redness & flaking? My best advice is to give new routines and products a chance to work before trying new ones and keep your product choices to a minimum so you actually use what you have. I promise, your skin will thank you.

Favorite Local Beauty Spots:

Lemon Laine (all things natural and takes the guess work out of checking labels, helping me switch over slowly to a more natural approach)
Private Edition (SkinCeuticals and Avene)
FACE (RMS and Grown Alchemist)

Favorite Beauty Spas:

SkinMB (Dermaplane and Peel by Mary Matts aesthetician )
Skin Pharm (Maegan Griffin Dermatologist NP for medical needs and Botox)
FACE (Best shaped eyebrows in town by owner Shelia and Oxygen facial by Shannon)
Ora Skincare (Lash Lift and tint with Kasey )

Next week Part 2 will cover all things melasma and sun spots and I’ll introduce you to my friend Mary Matts @marymatts and let her give us her expert option on getting your glow on after summer. I also know that our gut health effects that glow, so make sure to add good probiotics and fermented food/drinks into your daily routine. You can also learn more Oct. 4th when I speak on this topic at Lemon Laine.

Lots of Love,