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The Buddha Bowl (with @guacmylife)

The Buddha Bowl (with @guacmylife)

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of cooking… people talk about how relaxing it is, but I have never felt relaxed while whipping up dinner. I do, however, love to see my child eating healthy food and how Greg’s face lights up when he comes home to a well-prepped dinner. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s   crucial for me to meal prep on Sundays if I’m going to make meals with ease throughout the week. I’ve also learned to stick to my staples and put these on “repeat” regularly. One of my favorite staple meals is the Buddha Bowl, because its super easy and gives you lots of variety. Remember, simplicity is always my goal.

Today I’m introducing you to my newly found friend Natalie from @guacmylife. Natalie reached out to me on Instagram right when I first got started, and I instantly liked her. Her direct messages brought a smile to my face, and I wanted to collaborate with her right away. Because she’s a “girl’s girl”, real, supportive, and a mom of 3 kids under the age 5… wowza!!

Natalie survived what few of us can ever imagine.  Her daughter survived a malignant brain tumor after a year and half of treatment. I knew after I heard her story that I was drawn to her for a reason. Volunteering in Hospice and working as a Doula gave me so much compassion for mothers who care for their children with cancer while also taking care of their healthy children. What a blessing her sweet girl is! She is a fighter, and I know she gets it from her mama.

This past Saturday, Natalie drove from Birmingham to Nashville, and we had so much fun together.  We cried, we laughed, we cooked, we had tequila, and most of all we bonded and created a solid friendship. I’ve asked Natalie to join my blog today and walk us through making a Buddha Bowl. I didn’t come up with this name or concept, but whoever did is brilliant, and I love it! I’ve been making them for the past year, and they bring simplicity, peace, and love into my kitchen life. Obviously they should be associated with BUDDHA!



Grains + Veggies + Protein =

The Buddha Bowl


Hi guys! It’s Natalie from @guacmylife. Today I’m going to teach you how to make the BEST thing since avocado toast and it’s called the BUDDHA BOWL!  Now I’m not talking religion, I’m simply talking about a bowl filled so full of goods it looks like a little round Buddha belly! Now these are not my own creation, I’ve been seeing these a lot in the vegan community and I decided to add meat to ours.

So let’s get to work… For your base I like to use about  ¼ cup of quinoa. You are welcome to use any base: brown rice, white rice, or lettuce. While visiting Virginia, we ran over to the farmer’s market to grab some gorgeous produce which included mushrooms, squash, baby eggplant, purple okra, heirloom tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Feel free to substitute in your own favorite veggies and greens!

Lastly, you can add in some shredded chicken on top. I personally love using a little squeeze of lemon or hot sauce as a guilt-free dressing. More great options would be hummus, salsa, tahini or spicy sesame oil. Totally up to you!


Chicken Buddha Bowl

You will need:

1-2 cups roasted veggies of your choice** (We used mushrooms, okra, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, baby eggplant and yellow zucchini.)

1/4 cup prepared quinoa

1/2 cup shredded chicken (follow instructions in the chicken carnitas recipe)

  1. In a small bowl, arrange your ingredients however you like.
  2. Add a drizzle of your favorite hot sauce or squeeze of citrus and enjoy!

** For root veggies cook in the oven at 400 for 40 minutes. For other veggies cook in the over at 400 for 20 minutes.

Natalie lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband and their 3 little ones. After their daughter beat brain cancer at the age of 3, she realized the importance of creating a healthier lifestyle for she and her family. Her mission is to teach others how to maintain a balanced diet and encourage people to stay active. You can usually find Natalie in the kitchen whipping up something yummy or checking out local hot spots with friends!