We live in a world of abundance — abundant opportunities, food, fashion, decor, and beauty. At Life Edit, we believe you can have it all (a successful career, meaningful relationships, personalized style and more), but only when you have learned the art of intentionally editing your life.




"I feel the best I have in a while"

Landyn (LivingwithLandyn.com)

I embarked on a health and fitness plan in order to get myself in shape for my 40th birthday. As I learned, it was a sometimes difficult and usually not super glamorous process, can you say eating cold chicken in your car, but I am so glad I did it. I feel the best I have in a while and I must admit that I am happy with the changes I have seen in my body. I have always been focused on my health and pretty diligent about my work outs, but I really wanted to buckle down to get ready for 40 because I have learned that things don't change as quickly or as easily as they did in my 20s and early 30s. I could not have done it without the help of Virginia Richardson.

"I quickly saw results"

Amzie Williams (Co-Owner Shed Group Fitness)

Virginia nailed my plan and I quickly saw results. After looking back at what I used to eat, I found many areas that I needed to clean up. Now I feel more energized, definitely lost body fat, and my workouts have improved.

"a pleasure to work with!"

Laura Hysmith (Realtor Williams & Cole)

Virginia is such a wealth of knowledge. She has been so wonderful to work with. Her meal plan and educated guidance helped me lose the last of my baby weight while sustaining energy throughout the day. Her approach and coaching is highly recommended. She has been a pleasure to work with!



"You won't regret having her support you to make the tough choices."

Monica Cintado

Virginia is a person that can see through the clutter and pick out only your very best. She helps to simplify your day whether organizing and cleaning out your closets, selecting only healthy choices for food or breaking down the clutter in your home. She has brought me peace in my otherwise crazy day. You won't regret having her support you to make the tough choices. No one will work harder on your behalf to make sure you feel satisfied-Virginia just makes it happen.



"my life has changed since she helped to organize my world around me"

Monica Cintado

By happen stance, I was Virginia's first client and I can't tell you how my life has changed since she helped to organize my world around me. My closet had become overwhelming and as a working woman, her efforts to simplify my choices, organize my next purchases and eliminate all the noise, has created less clutter and much better morning routine. I am grateful. I wish I could have her with me all of the time, but I keep her mantras about organization and less is more in my head and I think I do all right! Thank you Virginia-always!

"a pleasure to work with"

Perian Strang

Virginia has helped me tremendously by editing my closet over the past several years even before she decided to share her talents with the rest of Nashville! Twice a year (spring and fall) she helps me to purge my clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that either don't fit properly (and aren't flattering enough to alter) or are out of date/style. Virginia keeps a list of the items that are missing - all core staples, then locates what I need either on - line or in a local store. Additionally, she has purchased for me items I need to organize my closet & drawers and keep them organized, everything from velvet hangers to handbag & drawer dividers to boot hangers. Virginia's a genius and a pleasure to work with and she leaves my closet fresh and in order. I feel like I have a new wardrobe every time she leaves (even though we are only purchasing a few core items each season). I can't recommend her enough!