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Steps for a successful Closet Edit

Steps for a successful Closet Edit

Last month I did a challenge with my instagram followers. “No Buy July” challenged participants to purchase only essentials for 30 days. The hardest part about the challenge was resisting the sale item, or perhaps, falling down the instagram “rabbit hole” of purchasing the latest product on our feed. OK…I’m talking about myself here, but we all fall victim to believing the lie that we “do not have enough”.  All too often we forget to enjoy what we already have. We constantly consume — whether it’s the never-ending fashion cycle, seasonal home decor, or the latest beauty trends. In the process of consuming too much, we overcomplicate our lives and our closets. During the past fews months, I’ve been editing my own home and closet with the motto “less is more”. In the process of consuming less, I’ve noticed that I feel much calmer and have more gratitude for the what I have. With less clutter, there is less to choose from, less to organize, and less to let go of.

As we approach Fall, there’s no better time than now for a Closet Edit. Having less in your closet will help you identify the items you need for the new season, and assist you in letting go of items you never wear. This way, you can shop for those specific items and focus on quality, rather than quantity. Did you know that only 20% of the average person’s wardrobe is worn on a daily basis? This 20% is what we need to focus on. Think about that. This is why, when defining your look “uniform”, it is important to invest in pieces that you can wear regularly. I personally edit my closet at the beginning of each season, identify the items I need/want for the upcoming season, and invest in quality pieces, knowing I’ll have them on constant rotation.

Steps for a successful Closet Edit:

When preparing for a closet edit, the first step is to set aside at least half a day so you have time to knock it out all at once! The only item I require clients to buy before I arrive are velvet hangers….sorry there is just no way around it. Velvet hangers help create a synchronized look that is pleasing to the eye (less sensory overload). I also highly recommend a portable clothes rack. These are useful for sorting through clothes and also great for when packing for a trip. They will easily fold and can be stored under your bed for convenience.

1. Take everything, I mean everything, out of your closet and either hang on a clothing rack or make manageable piles on the floor.

2. Deep Clean all areas of your closet; baseboards, shelves, racks, inside drawers, etc. I prefer using green works cleaning wipes.

3. Create 5 stacks for clothes you are reviewing; donation, alteration, consignment, vintage/sentimental, and “deserves a second review”. My Donation suggestion is to donate anything you did not wear the previous season, is out of style, or not a good fit for your body. Remember “less is more”

4. Take a systematic approach to putting the items back into your closet. The exact approach is flexible depending on the space, clients routines, and preferences. I personally like to group by “category” rather than “color.”

5. Depending on the closet, I like to have storage bins for winter accessories, swimwear, belts, sports bras, etc.

6. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Have an honest friend or professional help you and hold you accountable. Make sure it’s someone who you know has good style and will shoot it to you straight. If you are making it a friend hang, bring out the cheese and wine!

After a Closet Edit, I can help you identify the staple pieces you need to complete your closet and “your look”. This is where one of my favorite local boutiques come into play. Today I’m featuring H. Audrey (www.haudrey.com) and their fashionable manager, Mattie Smith, to discuss fall staples. If you are local, you already know Mattie.  She’s the beautiful sweet blonde that greets you with a smile when you open the door. She’s knowledgeable, super stylish & knows what works for all shapes and sizes.  But most of all she is kind, honest and the BEST at what she does.  I trust her 100%.

I asked Mattie to answer the following two questions as we all prepare to transition into Fall:

What are your 3 favorite new items for Fall?

Item #1: Margaret O’Leary ‘St.Moritz’ 100% cashmere sweater. It has pockets and a hood! Comes in several colors $595

Item #2: J Brand black leather pants! They are a great mid-rise, have lots of stretch, and zip at the ankle! $998

Item #3: a pair of golden goose sneakers! Velvet is a huge trend this Fall so I love the emerald green low top pair! $515

What are your top 5 Fall staples?

1. Black high rise skinny jean. My favorite: Citizen ‘rocket’ jeans.

2. Black and/or white layering tee. My favorite: ATM’s ribbed long sleeve v neck tee.

3. Low heel boot. My favorite: Rag&Bone ‘walker’ boot in cement grey.

4. Leather jacket. My favorite: IRO “ashville” leather jacket in black or navy.

5. Gold dainty layering necklace. My favorite: Ladybird’s 14ky yellow gold box chain 16″ necklace

My goal is to help you simplify your closet by downsizing what you already have, so the pieces you hold on to are the ones that really represent your style.

Lots of Love,