We live in a world of abundance — abundant opportunities, food, fashion, decor, and beauty. At Life Edit, we believe you can have it all (a successful career, meaningful relationships, personalized style and more), but only when you have learned the art of intentionally editing your life.


Life Edit Edition

In a fast-paced world, we need to find sacred space to quite our minds and set intentions. When we engage in a ritual, we are offered moments of introspection and support for self-discovery, healing, and awareness. May this ritual bring you clarity and connect you to your soul.

This box has been curated in partnership with Life Edit. It contains sustainably-sourced Peruvian Palo Santo, artisanally-crafted quartz from Peru and wild-harvested sage from California. We invite you to welcome a few moments of silence in your day by lighting the Palo Santo and/or Sage and smudge around your home. Hold the crystal in your hand for a few minutes and allow it to act as an instrument of clairvoyance and bring clarity.

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