We live in a world of abundance — abundant opportunities, food, fashion, decor, and beauty. At Life Edit, we believe you can have it all (a successful career, meaningful relationships, personalized style and more), but only when you have learned the art of intentionally editing your life.



Learning how to nourish your body is an amazing jump-off point for anyone looking to foster more joy and meaning in their life. When we begin editing our lives from the inside out, we’re more mentally, physically, and spiritually equipped to make other edits to our daily environments.

Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal weight slowly, and to make lifestyle changes that you can sustain. At Life Edit, we don’t believe in 5-day quick fixes, but in small changes over time as a means to having the biggest impact on your health. Our philosophy: plan your nutrition just like you plan other aspects of your life. To plan ahead is to plan for success. In the health edit package, you’ll take our proprietary questionnaire that will help us create a custom meal plan just for you.

Personal one on one Health Edit Package:

  • A meal plan designed to fuel your muscles and match your preferences
  • 8 weeks of coaching with daily accountability 
  • Bi-weekly phone check ins
  • A personalized macro meal plan 
  • A 30 min Skype call with Virginia to walk through your plan and answer questions
  • Email communication
  • Facebook Group Access

Cost: $585

Group Health Edit Reset Package: 

(Offered Quarterly in a group setting)

  • Personalized macro plan to help you gain control of your eating habits and gain energy
  • Recipes and meal prep tips for efficient, delicious, and nutritious meals
  • Strategy for cultivating the right mindset and developing life-changing habits
  • Access to Facebook Group community with questions answered by Brooke & Virginia
  • All the resources you need to learn about flexible dieting and counting macros

Cost: $119

Health Edit Reset Plus Package: 

  • Includes everything from the Health Edit Reset Basic package
  • One 30-min One-on-One Strategy Coaching Call with macro adjustments if needed.

Cost: $194


When you book any one of our packages, you’ll receive hands-on help and guidance to rediscover joy in the spaces you dwell in most often. When we begin your home consultation, we will walk through your room(s), discuss what your space, challenges, and goals, and then provide you with a plan. Or, depending on your time allowance, we can create a room priority list and jump right in on identifying and getting rid of distracting clutter. However you desire to maximize our allotted time together is entirely up to you.

In this package, you’ll receive the following:

  • A personalized assessment of your space
  • Prioritization of rooms from high priority to low priority
  • Help with categorizing items and decluttering
  • Open discussion of concerns with letting go of items
  • Pantry and refrigerator clean out for healthier living
  • Decorating tips, techniques, and suggestions
  • Option for additional deep cleaning, if needed.

Choose between:

TWO-HOUR: $285

HALF-DAY: $500

FULL-DAY: $1,000

Add-on service:



Learn to identify your most loved pieces and let your style shine through. If you feel overwhelmed by decisions when you get dressed every morning, it may be time to take control of your closet. Whether you need an overall wardrobe edit or simply need help tackling a towering stack of jeans, we can help. By eliminating forgotten or out of place pieces, you’ll discover a comprehensive wardrobe made of all the basics you love.

Depending on how many pairs of stilettos you’ll need to sort through, this service can last anywhere from two hours to a full day. If you need help figuring out which package is best for you, simply ask.

In this package, you’ll receive the following:

• A review and discussion of your personal style

  • A full audit of every item in your wardrobe
  • Categorized piles for consignment, donation, alteration, and keep
  • Open discussion of concerns with letting go of items
  • Reorganization of closet, making it easier to identify what you have
  • Identify and recommend sources for key missing pieces, if needed*


Ready to hit restart and discover the hidden joy in your life? With The Life Edit Package, you’ll receive our most thorough editing experience. By providing you with each of our main services (home, closet, and health), we’ll be able to tackle any stress and anxiety in your life from three pivotal angles. How you edit your home and your health has the power to restore peace and meaning to your life, and we believe The Life Edit is the most comprehensive way to get there.

In this package, you’ll receive the following services all rolled into one:

  • Home Edit (inc. closet) (10-hour consultation)
  • Health Edit (includes meal plan and 45 days of coaching)

Cost: $1,200

This package includes over $2,000 in Life Edit services, making it our best value for new clients.