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Life Edit Fall Closet Staples

Life Edit Fall Closet Staples


Hi Friends,

As you already know, I’ve been on a journey to cultivate more intention into my buying mentality. What exactly does that mean? It means not fall victim to the power of fast fashion, and to thoroughly evaluate my closet before making purchases. Does this always work? No, I fail from time to time, and more often I end up regretting these purchases than celebrating them as wins. Today I wanted to discuss Fall fashion staples (some are splurges) and the items I most often suggest to clients.

During the summer months, you can get away with more randomness and less expensive items, but Fall its time to invest in classics. Remember the importance of being focused, having a plan, and investing in quality over quantity. Pieces you can rotate. Find a stylish friend who knows your wardrobe to go with you to confirm what you need and help you make the right choices. For me, that’s my BFF Carly who is pictured with me here. Or you could hire me, and I could whip you and your closet into shape… LOL! My philosophy is: think basics, not trends.

I teamed up with H. Audrey to capture some great fall items available in store now. H. Audrey has a perfectly curated collection of basics & those special splurge pieces…it’s important to support your local small business. Tell them I sent you for 20% off one item.

If you haven’t already read my closet edit post, read it now before shopping. I’m taking appointments for October so reach out if you need a fresh start to Fall. I would love to help!

Life Edit Fall Basics:

  1. Black Blazer / Cardigan

Pictured here is the L’Agence black chamberlain Blazer, no matter your age or style, every woman needs a good black blazer. You can dress it up with a silk cami, jeans, and pumps or dress it down as shown in this picture.


2. Black Leather Jacket

Pictured here is the Doma Lamb Nappa Jacket. I’m a big fan of leather jackets, find one that best represents your style and goes with your basic look. I love the hoodie featured in this jacket!

3. Quality white, black, and gray t-shirt

I love all t-shirts from the Nashville company FASHIONABLE and encourage you to read about their mission of helping women overcome poverty. I really can’t justify paying $80 for a t-shirt when I know I can go over to Fashionable and get quality and also help make a difference at $34.

4. White Button Down Shirt

I am not sure how I would survive without my selection of white button-down shirts, a good one can bring any outfit together. You can go from classic to casual, to trendy all with one piece.  This Citizens of Humanity one is great because you have the option to tie in the front. I also love all shirts Frank & Eileen also found at H Audrey. I don’t typically rock trendy manicures; my combo colors are for the Spartan Race this Saturday.

5. One Pair of fitted black jeans

Wearing the Non-Profit Goldsign Jeans in all these pictures and loving the high-rise fit. It goes without saying, but all body types look good in black fitted jeans.

6. One versatile sweater

The number one thing I look for when picking out a sweater is the comfort, how does it feel on my skin? I would rather spend money on one that feels amazing than a few that feel OK. I want to melt into my sweaters. This one from ATM is super yummy.

7. One versatile Dress that can be worn with booties or dressed up with pumps.

I’m a sucker for a good leopard, my three basics… black, gray, and leopard. I love this equipment dress because I can wear in casual like pictured here, or dress it up with a blazer for night.

8. Two good pairs of boots (suede and leather option)

My go to is either a suede boot like the walker by Rag & Bone pictured here or one with a little more edge like the Chloe above. I still like my boots to look like boots, I’m not into the sexy boot look, but HEY that’s just me.

9. One pair of black suede pumps

I think suede is “seasonless” compared to leather. You can pull off any outfit with the right shoes, and great pumps go from day to night. An item worth investing in, I prefer the M.Gemi or Manolo ones from Nordstrom

10. Sneakers or Comfy Flats

I rarely have the desire to wear heels these days, so I’m usually in sneakers or my classic Gucci loafers. The loafers are round-the-clock, take a lesson from the boys and invest in a quality loafer that is timeless.

As I type out this post and prepare for Fall, it’s getting up to 90 degrees in Nashville today. I hope your take away from this post is first to edit your closet, then strategically identify those items you need to get through fall effortlessly. Invest in pieces you will have season after season and can have in regular rotation. Your closet is a reflection of how you feel inside, so keep the disorder to a minimum. Having too many items creates a sensory overload, so pack up your summer items until next year and toss out anything you never wore last Fall. Happy Shopping!

Lots of Love,