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It’s better in the Bahamas bc it IS

It’s better in the Bahamas bc it IS

Hi Friends,

A few weeks ago my family took a short trip to the Bahamas, and I promised you a follow-up post. I have such a love affair with the Bahamas. Greg and I took our first trip together to HopeTown in the Abacos and I might have fallen in love on that trip with more than just the boy. We would later get married there surrounded by our closest friends and family.

I love that time seems to stand still in the Bahamas – It’s also safe, which seems to matter more and more to me these days, and the Bahamian people are the friendliest to their guests.

From the pink sand beaches on Harbour Island to the swimming pigs on Exuma and everything less known in between… like the crystal bridge on Eleuthera not to mention the most gorgeous deserted beaches you’ve ever seen. The semi-deserted & eerie calm of the Abacos has always been my thing. You can’t beat waking up & taking your golf cart to the local town bakery for the best-baked bread ever. Then packing a lunch for a picnic on the beach, always ask the locals about the best beach to visit. It’s usually the one that’s a little hidden with a sand bar for miles.

For me, the Bahamas represent slowing down, letting go of the resort type vacation, the crowds, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. I usually rent a house through VRBO. The best time to travel to the Bahamas to avoid hurricanes is November to mid-April. I’ve been everywhere from the more popular Harbour Island to the much more rustic San Salvador. Not sure why, but I like the more rustic vibes. In San Salvador, we literally had to call a local to come over and cook for us because it was so deserted. Places to Check out:  The Exumas, Eleuthera, The Abacos (HopeTown and Guana Cay), and Long Island – I love them all. You can’t go wrong with any of these spots.

Our most recent trip was to Harbour Island, I love it here too. Think “nicer more luxe” Bahamian experience. If that’s even a thing. For me, it’s the place I go if I’m feeling like staying in a hotel and eating out at great restaurants. Its easy to get to, so you could go for a shorter trip as well.

The food differs from island to island, but I always find a local bakery for fresh bread, a local Friday night fish fry, fresh conch salad whether served in a martini glass or by a local fresh off the boat and cracked conch with rice and peas. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path for food, I’ve never had any issues with food in the Bahamas.

Here are a few of my favorite hotels, but as I said before I prefer to stay in a house and there are lots of options on either Airbnb or VRBO.

Favorite Hotels:

The Cove Eleuthera 

The Dunmore

Coral Sands Hotel

Hope Town Lodge

Grand Isle Resort

Add the Bahamas to your list for your next beach vacation, you will not regret it! And don’t forget to have a Goombay Smash!


P.S. Greg wrote this beautiful poem after our first trip together to the Bahamas, and it has always been so special to me.

There is a place I like to go
To contemplate my days
It follows none but natures will
and complicated sways
In this spot, there is no time
The future has no hold
Just what has passed I think upon
Its truth, already told
What is to be is in the stars
and can’t be understood
But what’s behind is etched in stone
Forever, bad, or good
But in this place I see my life
For it’s exacting Sum
and take the best of all I’ve learned
for what is yet to come
-Greg Richardson


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