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Health Edit: Supplements

Health Edit: Supplements

One of my most frequently asked questions is what supplements I recommend to people embarking on a health change.  I believe we can get most of our nutrient needs through our food, so I’m not a huge vitamin/supplement taker. Here are my top 6 supplements I recommend to my clients, and I’m including Protein Powder and Bars in this category. Remember to always first check with your Doctor before taking any new supplements. I also am a big fan of www.examine.com and www.labdoor.com 

Protein Powders – I’m a fan of protein powders for their convenience. It’s an easy way to add protein to your smoothie or post workout recovery drink. I personally like to have whey protein on days when I lift weights, but I also love a good plant based option. By consuming a fast–absorbing protein like whey immediately after your workout, you’re supplying your muscles with the amino acids they need to repair and grow. You are also increasing your protein consumption which contributes to building muscle while losing fat. Another fun fact about whey is that it reduces hunger by reducing the hormone ghrelin that tells your brain when you are hungry. My favorite of the moment is the Bodylogix Natural Isolate Decadent Chocolate because its affordable, sourced from grass – fed cows, gluten and lactose reduced, and low carb. I also love the fancy Beauty Protein from Age Quencher that includes probiotics and collagen and has 0 carbs. 

Collagen Peptides–  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It forms the connective tissue holding a muscle in place that becomes the tendons that tie muscles to bones. Connective tissue keeps your body together – skin, bones, ligaments, cartilage, and organs. As we age our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down. This is why it’s great to add back to your diet.  Who doesn’t want a supplement that is great for skin elasticity, hair, nails, joints, tendons, and gut health? Its also a great way to sneak added protein into your diet by adding to your morning coffee. My favorite is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. 

MCT Powder – For coffee drinkers I suggest adding MCT Powder mixed with collagen peptides to give you a boost first thing in the morning. There are many other MCT oil options out there, and nutritionally speaking there is not much difference. My main goal is to provide an easy way to include fat and protein in my first meal when waking up. I go for the powder because it makes my coffee taste creamy, and it mixes well. You can also add to a smoothie as a good fat alternative to nut butter. MCT powder is a medium chain triglyceride which means it is absorbed and utilized quickly in the body.  This is why it gives you an extra boost. I do not recommend taking more than one serving as it can upset your stomach. My favorite is Quest Protein MCT Powder. 

Protein or Meal Replacement Bar – Because we are all in a hurry, and we can’t always sit down for a meal, it’s important to always have options you can grab on the go. This prevents you for crashing or starving when dinner rolls around. My favorite bars at the moment are Garden of Life Performance Protein, No Cow, Grab the Gold, FitJoy, and Quest Bars. I aim for bars with at least 18g of protein, 10g or less of fat, and no more than 25g of carbs. 

Probiotics and Fermented Foods/Beverages– Good health begins in the gut. Our body consists of both bad and good microbiome, and the amounts of each are closely connected to our health and wellness. Probiotics are live microorganisms that promote a healthy digestion and a strong immune system. I do not think you have to spend a lot of money on probiotics, refer to www.labdoor.com to see the top rated ones. 

Omega – 3 fatty acids– I do not have access to fresh fish in Nashville, so I supplement Omega – 3 fatty acids. If you do eat fish regularly you probably do not need to supplement. Omega – 3 has loads of benefits; to name a few fights inflammation, depression, and anxiety, and improves eye and brain health.

Calm Magnesium Powder– I really do not know how I survived before discovering the benefits of magnesium. I’m all about the flow, especially the bathroom flow, (if you know what I mean) and this product does the trick every time. Not to mention the loads of other benefits, two which are calming to the nervous system and for relieving muscle aches. 

I love these supplements because they work for me and my busy lifestyle, and my hope is that this information is helpful to you! Remember to always listen to your body. We all have different needs and you know your body best!