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Closet Clean Up, what to toss before the end of the year!

Closet Clean Up, what to toss before the end of the year!

We all do it, even me, we overconsume clothing and still find ourselves standing in our closet with nothing to wear. An overstuffed closet makes most of us feel overwhelmed and uninspired. To truly know what you need, especially during sale season, start with a closet clean up.

During my Closet Edit consultations, people ask me all the time “what should I keep and what should I get rid off”?

Today I thought I would address trends that have come and hopefully going as we approach 2019.

A few I can think of as ABSOLUTELY NO-NOs are: (don’t take this personal – many of you are probably still holding on to some of these).

Start with taking out anything you didn’t wear last season. If you can’t consign, store in a plastic bin for a few months and see if you miss it.

Now let’s start with those trends you need to say goodbye to.

  1. Jeans with Rhinestones or any jeans with busy pockets. Actually, not sure this was ever in but I wanted to start with an easy one.
  2. Velvet chokers, just please don’t!
  3. Head to toe “designer” labeled items. Yes, we like Gucci but subtle Gucci is best.
  4. Bell-shaped sleeves… this one might surprise you, but I’ve yet to see this type of sweater look good on anyone.
  5. Wedge sneakers. I get you feel cute being taller, we all do; but swap out for a cute pair of boots with a block heel.
  6. Off the shoulder tops, it’s just too “real housewives” replace with beautiful silk button-ups.
  7. Save the tees with cheesy sayings for your teenager. No “Mama Bear” shirts. I just recently had to do a tee clean out so I’m guilty of this one. Swap for a vintage band tee or keep it safe with a black or white tee.
  8. Big cardigans that you “hide” in. This one is tricky, cardigans can either make your outfit or scream “I”m a busy mom and I’ve given up”. Notice where your cardigan falls, does it have any interesting features, does it swallow you up or does it add a feature to your outfit?
  9. UGGS. I’m guilty of this, but they should literally be worn only as house shoes.
  10. and lastly, no holiday rompers, swap out for a fitted jumpsuit.

And feel free to disagree or add to… I’m just trying to help a sister out!

Lots of Love,



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