We live in a world of abundance — abundant opportunities, food, fashion, decor, and beauty. At Life Edit, we believe you can have it all (a successful career, meaningful relationships, personalized style and more), but only when you have learned the art of intentionally editing your life.


About Virginia

Life Edit by Virginia

Virginia Richardson is the Founder of Life Edit and based in Nashville, TN. 

After she and her husband welcomed the birth of their daughter, Lilah, Virginia began to reevaluate her life path. By the end of 2014, Virginia had left her corporate job to become a certified end-of-life doula and Hospice Volunteer. Her time caring for people nearing the end of life was a wake up call to the importance of editing our lives so we can prioritize what matters most. 

In the process of editing her own life, Virginia discovered a passion for helping other people edit and find theirs. In 2017, Virginia completed her nutrition certification with the goal of creating manageable health plans for each individual and their unique lifestyle. Through her health editing services and daily instagram chats, she’s now able to help others clear their own paths to experiencing deeper joy and fulfillment right where they are.